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Eighteenth Century Rome



Eighteenth Century Rome

Eighteenth Century Rome

Cardinal Alessandro Albani

(and J. J. Winckelmann)

by Jane Lomholt 

Although tempted to centre this talk on Lesley Lewis’ book, Connoisseurs and Secret Agents in Eighteenth Century Rome (1961), which makes for exciting reading, I have decided to look at the Connoisseur side of Cardinal Albani’s activities on this occasion. It would be impossible to do this without referring to Johan Joachim Winckelmann, so he too, is included.

The friendship and the collaboration between these two men was only possible because of their unique character and of the work they undertook together. Separated by their backgrounds, by age, culture and status, they had one strong, common bond: a love for the artefacts of antiquity. This resulted in a very significant building project, the Villa Albani in via Salaria outside the walls of Rome. The villa became a repository of the ancient past not just because of the objects it contained but by their placement, which — to the initiate — revealed long forgotten narratives.

Jane Lonholt is an Independent Architectural Researcher. She was Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture at University of Lincoln and Visiting Professor at Technical University Kaiserslautern in Germany. 


Data: Gio 1 Mar 2018

Orario: Alle 18:00

Organizzato da : Italian Cultural Institute

Ingresso : Libero


Italian Cultural Institute, 82 Nicolson Street