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Dancing with Colours, Whipping with Words La prima mostra di arti visive realizzata da Dario Fo nel Regno Unito


Dancing with Colours, Whipping with Words: Exhibition
Dancing with Colours, Whipping with Words: ExhibitionGio 6 Ott 2016 → Ven 28 Ott 2016

Dario Fo’s work as a visual artist is little known outside Italy, but it was art not theatre that he studied in his youth. His first paintings date from the 1940s, and he has worked in many styles, producing portraits, landscapes, fantasy works, politically committed works for today and others inspired by Italy's g...

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Mnemosyne - Galoshans Festival 2016
Mnemosyne - Galoshans Festival 2016Ven 28 Ott 2016 → Dom 30 Ott 2016

Mnemosyne è un progetto sulle memorie emotive sviluppato da Effetto Larsen, gruppo di lavoro multidisciplinare che da sempre concentra la propria ricerca artistica sulle relazioni tra persone. Mnemosyne era per i Greci la personificazione della memoria e la madre delle Muse: l'Arte, in tutte le sue forme, nasce dal pa...

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The Florence Flood of November 1966
The Florence Flood of November 1966 Gio 17 Nov 2016

‘So much fear, desperation, ruin, tears … Florence, my dear beautiful Florence, no longer exists’. Loredana Valmori Philip Cooke’s talk is on an unprecedented natural and cultural disaster – the great flood of Florence of 1966. On the morning of 4 November, after a sustained period of hea...

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Dvorák Cello Concerto - Giovanni Sollima
Dvorák Cello Concerto - Giovanni SollimaVen 18 Nov 2016 → Sab 19 Nov 2016

For Dmitri Shostakovich, his Fifth Symphony wasn’t just a matter of life and death – it was more important than that. In the hands of dynamic guest conductor Omer Meir Wellber, it’s one of 20th century music’s most unforgettable experiences. And talking of unforgettable, meet Giovanni Sollima. There&...

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Italian Strings - Giovanni Sollima
Italian Strings - Giovanni Sollima Dom 20 Nov 2016

Giovanni Sollima is an Italian composer and cellist. He was born into a family of musicians and studied cello with Giovanni Perriera and composition with his father, Eliodoro Sollima, at the Conservatorio di Palermo, where he graduated with highest honors. As a composer, Sollima's influences are wide ranging, taking in...

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Putting on a show: Sicilian banquet food in the time of the Bourbons
Putting on a show: Sicilian banquet food in the time of the BourbonsGio 24 Nov 2016

Italian cooking is generally known as 'cucina povera', deeply rooted in the landscape and dependent upon whatever seasonal ingredients the land has to offer. It invites us to imagine fresh produce picked directly from the field, then simply prepared to create delicious, traditional food just the way mamma would like it. In...

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