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Cameristi For Columba 1400 - A Scottish Italian Partnership
Cameristi For Columba 1400 - A Scottish Italian PartnershipGio 30 Mar 2017

The Italian Cultural Institute is pleased to invite you to a charity concert performed by The Accademia dei Cameristi and The Edinburgh Academy Chamber Choir, in support of the work of Columba 1400. The Accademia dei Cameristi, began in 1999 with the principal purpose being the promotion of gifted young musici...

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Technology, Mobility and Modernity in Italian and European Poetry and Cinema
Technology, Mobility and Modernity in Italian and European Poetry and Cinema Ven 31 Mar 2017 → Sab 1 Apr 2017

  The conference will explore the relationship between the sciences and the humanities which is an area of studies that is in need of further research in the face of the continuous advancement and expansion of technology and science and their influences on the ‘happiness’ of society over the last tw...

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 Il Divo by  Director Paolo Sorrentino
Il Divo by Director Paolo SorrentinoVen 31 Mar 2017

  As part of the Italian Film Series 2017, a Journey Through Modern Italy, the Italian Cultural Institute is pleased to present Il Divo by Paolo Sorrentino Cannes Jury Prize-winner of 2008, Il Divo is Paolo Sorrentino's gem about the iconic post-war figure of Giulio Andreotti. Prime Minister no less than seve...

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Adriano & Caterina Sangineto
Adriano & Caterina SanginetoSab 1 Apr 2017

Twin Musical Strings In a performance full of sparkling energy, Adriano and Caterina Sangineto will focus on a fusion of timeless ancient sonorities with modern rhythms. They will contrast traditional Italian tunes with fresh and original compositions retaining a Celtic flavour. The tones of the harp combine with bowed...

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Da Veronese a Tintoretto: Save Venice Inc. e la salvaguardia dell’arte veneziana
Da Veronese a Tintoretto: Save Venice Inc. e la salvaguardia dell’arte venezianaMar 11 Apr 2017

Relatore Dr Thomas Dalla Costa - Universita' di Verona e Save Venice Inc. Sono passati cinquant’anni da quando, il 4 novembre 1966, un’alta marea eccezionale colpì Venezia facendo raggiungere al livello dell’acqua il picco devastante di 194 cm. I danni al patrimonio artistico e culturale, come no...

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Fighting the World’s deadliest animal
Fighting the World’s deadliest animalMar 2 Mag 2017

Speaker Dr Francesco Baldini – University of Glasgow (Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine)   In 2015, malaria killed 429 000 people, mainly children under the age of five. Controlling the mosquitoes that transmit the disease is the most practical and efficient way to prevent the in...

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Forgetting: A forgotten issue?
Forgetting: A forgotten issue?Mer 14 Giu 2017

  Aim: Fifteen internationally renowned researchers from the US, the UK and mainland Europe will each a give brief presentation on the role of Forgetting in Human Memory. The event is addressed to academics but it open to the general public.   More inforamtion to follow.   It will be ticketed but free....

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Why do we need evidence?
Why do we need evidence?Gio 7 Set 2017

Aim: To honour James Lind, a Scottish physician (born in Edinburgh) who conducted a controlled clinical trial in 1747 (to treat scurvy) and to discuss why evidence matters in decisions about treatments, interventions, vaccinations, and prevention.   Speakers: Mr. Iain Milne, Sibbald Librarian at the Royal Colleg...

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