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 Decline @ Dance International Glasgow
Decline @ Dance International Glasgow Mar 25 Apr 2017 → Mer 26 Apr 2017

Decline is a dynamic relationship instantly and continuously transforming, told through the bodies of three distinct performers. This Scottish-Italian collaboration is a meditation on things that draw us together and those that fall away with time using the distinct voices of dance and live music. At its core are the movements...

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Italia Moderna – Reload 017
Italia Moderna – Reload 017 Ven 28 Apr 2017 → Ven 1 Set 2017

  An exhibition of art works from some of Italy’s most prominent contemporary artists, curated by In-Art. Italia Moderna was initiated by In-Art in 2011 as a programme of institutional promotion and marketing to increase awareness outside Italy of the contribution that the country’s artists are making to the i...

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Meeting Gramsci
Meeting GramsciVen 28 Apr 2017

Speakers Gian Luigi Deiana and Gabriella Cuccu – Casa Museo di Antonio Gramsci, Ghilarza, Sardinia. Italian theorist and politician Antonio Gramsci was born in Ales, Sardinia in 1891. Historical figure of fundamental importance in 1920-1930’s Italy, his work - considered a seminal contribution to 20th century...

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Fighting the World’s deadliest animal
Fighting the World’s deadliest animalMar 2 Mag 2017

Speaker Dr Francesco Baldini – University of Glasgow (Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine)   In 2015, malaria killed 429 000 people, mainly children under the age of five. Controlling the mosquitoes that transmit the disease is the most practical and efficient way to prevent the in...

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Riso amaro by Giuseppe De Santis @ The Folk Film Gathering
Riso amaro by Giuseppe De Santis @ The Folk Film Gathering Ven 5 Mag 2017

The Italian Cultural Institute is pleased to be part of the Folk Film Gathering 2017 at Filmhouse with the screening of: Riso amaro by Giuseppe De Santis (1949). A potent, exhilarating brew of folk song, film noir, and Italian neorealism. On the run from the law, small-time thief Francesca hides amidst a group of fe...

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Europe Day celebrations in Edinburgh
Europe Day celebrations in EdinburghMar 9 Mag 2017

The Italian Cultural Institute will take part in the celebration of the European Day in Castle Street in Edinburgh on 9 May 2017, event organized by The European Commission Representation in Scotland. Fiona Hyslop MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs, will open the celebration. Croatia,...

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Memoria per l’Europa – Un incontro con Paolo Rumiz
Memoria per l’Europa – Un incontro con Paolo RumizVen 12 Mag 2017

Le società europee contemporanee stanno celebrando il centenario della Prima Guerra Mondiale dalla prospettiva del difficile processo di integrazione europea: solo apparentemente liberate da riflussi conflittuali, nelle memorie contemporanee del tempo di guerra si riflettono i modi in cui le diverse comunit&agrav...

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Tides - A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some broken)
Tides - A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some broken)Gio 8 Giu 2017

The multi award winning film Tides, written and directed by Alessandro Negrini, is the story of a river able to reveal a sense of life imprisoned by history? Despite the end of the conflict, in Northern Ireland there is still a city with two different names: Derry, for Catholics, Londonderry for Protestants. In the middle...

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