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 Italian Cultural Institute - Edinburgh 
82 Nicolson Street
Edinburgh EH8 9EW
Scotland, UK
tel: ( 44) (0)131 668 2232
fax: ( 44) (0)131 668 2777

Opening times Office and Library
From Monday to Thursday 9am -  5pm
Friday 9am - 12noon 

We regret that due to the volume of requests and proposals that the Institute receives daily,
we cannot guarantee a reply to all.

Dear Friends of the Italian Cultural Institute,

After almost five years at the Italian Cultural Institute it is time to say goodbye to all of you. It is not easy, not easy at all to express all my gratitude for the affection, warm support and enthusiasm you have showed by attending our events and classes.
You make my job special and privileged. I have known so many people in these five years and I know that all these contacts will not be lost in future; on the contrary, they are part of my life and will stay with me forever.
Many of our projects have been realized in collaboration with Scottish Universities and Cultural Institutions through contact with their directors, so happy to start a dialogue and set up initiatives with me. These fruitful synergies have been one of my main achievements. I trust that the path I have traced will be continued and improved by the next Director of the Institute.
The involvement of the Institute in many Festivals has grown during the years. Many of our excellent artists – particularly jazz, folk and classical musicians - have been able to find a stage and perform in Edinburgh, Glasgow and other cities in Scotland and also in Northern Ireland. I am so grateful to all who supported me in my effort to cover the whole territory of Scotland and Northern Ireland with quality events.
The latest edition of the Italian Film Festival in March proved to be particularly successful, with a very large audience attending all the screenings thanks to the very good work of our two artistic directors Richard Mowe and Allan Hunter.
On my part, I just wish to say that I did my best to give you a chance to better know and love Italy, my beautiful country, a chance to get closer to its unique heritage and its contemporary artistic panorama. Our courses were attended with dedication, I’m so happy when I hear you speaking with fluency!
This is thanks to our excellent teachers, a great resource for the Institute, and I hope that the number of students will continue to increase in the future.
Your presence and appreciation were crucial to overcome the challenges and difficulties of my job, and I wish to express in this message all my gratitude to you.
Finally, I would like to close this message with a very special thanks to the personnel of the Italian Cultural Institute who supported me with patience, comprehension and good will during all my mandate.

Stefania Del Bravo 


   7-31 August 2015

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